You may have seen this word floating around out there in the virtual world of health, fitness, diet or self-improvement recently and thought, “hmm, sounds a bit out there for me…”. The concept isn’t really all that new but the execution is certainly quickly becoming mainstream.

A quick look at the Webster’s dictionary definition would create some confusion….


The activity of exploiting genetic material experimentally without regard to accepted ethical standards, or for criminal purposes.

That’s interesting but not quite what the current vernacular is intending.

It’s not as scary as it might sound. The idea and practice of biohacking, at its most basic, is the aim of taking your health and well-being into your own hands through understanding and working with your own, individual biology. It uses tools and techniques like nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, supplements and technology to powerfully and synergistically move your health, wellness and longevity towards an optimal state for YOU.

Think of biohacking as an extension of or adjunct to the current wave of interest in better quality foods, fewer pharmaceutical interventions, healthier habits and less reliance on allopathic medicine.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to biohack oneself. It can be as simple as getting a Fitbit or other fitness tracker and paying attention to the data it reveals about your current habits. It can also be as complex, far reaching and “out there” as using nootropics or electrical stimulation to enhance cognitive function. There is a LOT of room between these ends of the spectrum.

What biohacking does require (a common thread throughout this blog and in my own personal practices) is attention and awareness. It is extremely common these days for people to pay little attention to what goes into their bodies, what comes out, how they feel on a daily basis or how these things are related let alone things like personal biology, habits and genetics. Until they end up tired, stressed, sick and at the hands of a doctor who knows (or probably cares) little about the “why” of how they got there.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Why would we leave responsibility for our health and well-being to someone who could care less about how we got where we are?

This is the ethos and essence of the biohacking movement.

No one has the ability to know us better than we know ourselves. There is no one size fits all “cure” for the ailments that show up in our lives.  To think we can continue to put the manufactured junk passed off as food into our bodies every day and not pay the biological price is folly. To pay no attention to how we feel and why until we end up hospitalized and pumped full of pharmaceuticals is worse.

What are we given when our lives begin? It is precious beyond compare yet how most of us treat this gift is disgraceful at best. We all have choices. There is not one single aspect of our lives that is not affected by these choices.

Change should not and does not require “strength” or “willpower”. These finite resources have their place but true, lasting, impactful change only requires desire, willingness and some patience. If you’ve tried “diets” or been through a few different gym memberships and it hasn’t quite worked out as you hoped, there is a different way. A long-term, customizable, sustainable way forward to reach your goals of who and what you want to be.

And it’s not a box full of “healthy” bars, the newest Detox Diet or the next fad workout.

We all arrived at our current physical, mental and health state by a personal path, whether intentionally or otherwise. Biohacking is about taking responsibility and making sure your path is on purpose and aligned with real goals, not “I wishes…”

Give me a call or shoot me an email. Lets talk about what it is you really want and how you might go about getting there!

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