What comes up when you think of energy? A good cup of coffee in the morning? Exercise? Eating “healthy”? I wish I had more of it?

All those things can be connected to energy for us. Consider this perspective though…

We rely on energy for absolutely everything we are and do every single day of our lives. Learning, growing (physically, mentally and emotionally), working, recreating, parenting and even relaxing… it ALL requires energy.  Yet how often, if ever, do you consider your energy levels; your surplus or (probably more likely) your lack of it?  “Why is it at this level at any given time?” “How do I manage it?” “How do I get more of it?”  And even, “what are the sources of it?”

If you’re like most of us (formerly me included) you haven’t spent much time on these questions, yet energy is the most fundamental aspect of our lives whether you’re 4, 40 or somewhere well beyond. It’s energy that drives (whether consciously or un) everything in our daily lives.

Energy, of course, is far from a static resource. Minute to minute, day to day, year to year, we have either more or less of it. We make choices, both conscious and unconscious, every single day that effect our energy. We might choose to work out or eat “better” or “healthier”. We might ask a medical doctor for advice. We might even go so far as to try meditation, yoga or dietary supplement to enhance our energy. And this is if we happen to actually pay enough attention to recognize a problem with our energy.

What if we thought about this form a slightly different angle? What if we considered energy first in our daily choices? What if we made a conscious effort to seek and gain more of it? What would you do with 5% more energy? 10%? 20%?

How would you feel? What would you accomplish?

Consider also, the various sources of energy…

There is, of course, the basic energy we get from consuming whatever it is we choose to on a daily basis; caffeine, sugar and other carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, all contribute either negatively or positively to our energy levels. More on this in a bit…

What about emotional energy? Have you ever felt “drained” after a good cry?” “Energized” or “fired up” from anger? Yep…emotions are energy and how we relate to and deal with them (or don’t) absolutely affects our energy levels.

How about psychological energy? Do your thoughts cause anxiety, stress? Or calm and focus? Do your thoughts keep you awake at night? Do you worry? Yep…thoughts, whether habitual, reactive or “on purpose” can have a major impact on energy.

And what about “spiritual” energy? Save the eye roll for a bit here… no, I’m not, in this instance talking about crystals and chakras and such (although those may have their place for some). Do you feel fulfilled in what it is you do? Does your life have purpose and meaning? Does what you do truly serve others? Does it serve you?

How do these relate to energy? If you answered “yes” to these questions then you may have created a life filled with true joy and happiness. If you answered “no” then what would it be like to feel fulfilled? To feel full of purpose? To feel deep joy and happiness? Would this change your energy?

Finding incremental ways to increase our energy for whatever it is we do; sustainable, scalable, customizable and personal ways. This isn’t just a “diet”. This isn’t just coffee.