This is an opportunity to really dig in and get started on a path towards improving your health and energy in profound ways.

Want to “clean house” and start fresh but don’t know where to start? Let me help.

I will come to your house and together we can go through your pantry, fridge, freezer, sleep space and cooking and cleaning supplies.

We can vet your current product choices and discuss why they are or aren’t the best for your health and energy. We can also talk about alternatives and where might be the best and most economical places to find them.

We can go through your sleep space and see where we can make changes to maximize your sleep and recovery efficiency.

We can do a visual inspection of plumbing and places in your home that may harbor mold and mildew or other potential sources of toxins.

I will provide you with a full report of what we discussed, your options and lots of resources.

$400 for a custom Bulletproof audit session (3-4 hours plus follow-up)