“I really enjoyed talking to Mike. He is a very good listener and can get to the heart of an issue quickly in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental way. His recommendations were all very helpful and empowering. Mike has a real passion for life and truly enjoys helping others.”

Dara Palmer, Bozeman, MT

“If you’re a person that wants to change for the better in mind, body and spirit I highly recommend reaching out to Mike Lum. This is not a quick fix lose weight and gain it back again program. This requires your commitment to slowing, looking at all aspects of your life and the willingness to listen to the suggestions of your coach.

I watched Mike transform his life from afar over a 5-year period. Transform is used loosely in today’s world of instant gratification and YouTube ease. Transform for Mike was a 100% overhaul of mind, body, spirit and consciously thinking about the situation one is in and what value is found no matter how hard the situation may be.

I approached Mike when my 11-year-old son left for therapeutic boarding school to work on relationship development as well as depression and anxiety. My goal was to lose weight to keep up with my son who would come back 18 months later just this past August. Not only have I lost 30 pounds but I am now able to approach all aspects of my life without anxiety. Slowing down all processes has been one of the most beneficial things I have ever accomplished.”

Tyler Garrison, Bozeman, MT

“Mike creates a very open, supportive, and collaborative coaching space. He helps me understand the heart of the issues that I bring to the table. Each session, we create an action plan that’s manageable and customized around my goals. With the help of Mike’s coaching, I’ve increased my confidence, developed better communication skills, learned to dance and even wrote my wedding vows. Mike is an invaluable resource and I am very grateful to be able to call him my coach.”

Aaron Lowe, BPC

“Pushing a car across a flat parking lot. You can throw all your weight and muscle into it all at once and very little happens or you can position yourself with your back against it and start to exert steady pressure. Mike Lum’s style of personal coaching reminds me of the second approach, gentle forward movement. I am transitioning to an empty nester and early retiree. Mike helped me define my priorities; the initial push, and then helped me move forward with them; the continued pressure. Lum’s ability to quickly sort through many layers of information and focus on the future combined with his Zen like nature helped me define my true passions. His continued presence and accountability exercises were just what I needed to move confidently into the future. I came away from every session feeling invigorated and optimistic about my next course of action. I find myself using the tools he gave me daily and strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking to enhance their lives through coaching.”

Bill Rea