Hate cooking? Stuck in a recipe rut? Don’t know what to make or how to make it? Unsure about cooking “healthy” foods or how to make them taste good?

With a long-time love for and background in cooking, I can help bring inspiration and joy to your food prep!

We will get together and discuss what you and your family currently love to eat or what you might like to try. I will then come up with some recipes and you can choose one or a few to try out. I’ll then make a shopping list for you and you can purchase what we need. I’ll come to your house and do a personal, hands-on, instructive cooking class. We can cover basic or advanced cooking skills such as knife work, prep, timing, etc. We’ll cook a full meal that we can then enjoy together while we further discuss food and the ideas and theories behind why it’s the most important thing we do for our health and energy every single day of our lives.

If you have a group of like-minded friends we can structure it as a group cooking class! We’ll collaborate on a menu and I’ll do the shopping. I’ll then come to your house and do a cooking class for however many friends and family you care to invite.

We can focus on Bulletproof, Paleo or just plain healthy foods with and eye toward incorporating them into your daily routine.

Cost is desire dependent. Call or email for details.